Hribar Design Group (HDG) is a multidisciplinary, client-centric Interior Design Studio dedicated to creating uniquely engaging spaces throughout Western Canada and beyond. We offer a full range of specialized design services that deliver on any scope or scale – from cafes to wineries. We believe that every detail of an interior should be beautiful, purposeful and harmonious – this philosophy extends throughout all facets of our design process.


At HDG we listen, interpret and translate each client’s vision into a vibrant physical space, from the big picture down to the finest detail.


Thorough research and an understanding of current and future trends, combined with collaboration and partnerships, result in spaces that improve the way people live, work, play, eat, and relax.


We bring this to life visually with the latest in 3D modeling and imaging software for our clients to fully see and understand the space before it goes to the next phase. Nothing is left to chance.


Through conscientious curation and focused execution, HDG works to make the entire experience both rewarding and fulfilling for our clients. Through our proven, streamlined approach, we execute projects wholly while staying flexible and adaptive to ongoing client needs.


You can trust HDG to skillfully implement everything we encounter, keeping you informed with clear communication from conceptualization to completion.


While our design style is dynamic, our boutique firm equally epitomizes business acumen, authenticity, and dedication to the finished product being delivered on time and within budget.
Hribar Design Group Team